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Welcome to Canada Canada

The nation of Canada, second largest country in the world, offers a range of experiences for visitors. From its large cities to its frozen northern tundra; its mountain peaks to its coastlines; and its rich farmlands to its pioneering outposts, Canada offers something to suit the taste of every traveller. It is a country renowned for its beautiful scenery. The country has a French and British colonial heritage, which is reflected in its cuisine, culture and customs, mixed in with the legacy of the country's own aboriginal First Nations history.. There are more than 41 National Parks, one of them, Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta.

Provinces of Canada

Victoria, British ColumbiaBritish Columbia - Its location on the Pacific Rim ensures that British Columbia has a rich blend of cultures, with large numbers of Asian communities living among the descendants of the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh pioneers. Together with the area's own indigenous heritage, this makes for interesting towns and cities with a cosmopolitan ambience. The combination of sea and mountains, together with the broken coastline sporting hundreds of islands and inlets, gives the province a diverse set of natural attractions and recreational opportunities.

Banff, AlbertaAlberta - its famous Rocky Mountain region, which flanks it on its western border with British Columbia and offers a host of alpine attractions. The northern area is a sparsely inhabited wilderness of forests, lakes and rivers; the provincial capital, Edmonton, is in the central area.The natural beauty of this Canadian province is world-renowned, so it is no surprise to discover that it is home to five of Canada's World Heritage Sites: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Banff-Jasper National Parks, Wood Buffalo National Park and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Saskatchewan - Explore the badlands, sand dunes, pine-topped highlands, and waterfilled valleys. In the north, parkland gives way to the ancient rock of the Canadian Shield angling across the boreal forest, where spruce and pine shelter 100,000 lakes. The cities of Regina and Saskatoon rise up from the prairies to showcase a modern province whose rich history and culture is on display all year round.

Churchill, ManitobaManitoba - Manitoba is located on the stunningly beautiful and unspoilt area known as the prairies, a predominantly agricultural region steeped in history and culture.. Manitoba's capital and largest city is Winnipeg, a fantastic place to explore in itself and located very close to Lake Winnipeg.

Toronto, OntarioOntario - In many ways, Ontario is Canada condensed into a single province. The natural wonder, multiculturalism, quality of life,modern amenities, warm welcoming people that define Canada the world over are best exemplified within the borders of Ontario. Ontario delivers an endless breadth and depth of quality experiences all available in close proximity.

Québec - Québec has a uniquely French flavour, remaining the only North American region to preserve its Francophone identity. In Québec French is the official language and is spoken by more than 80 percent of the population. The major cities of Quebec and Montreal are both situated in the more populated south on the St Lawrence River. Québec has 22 national parks and a variety of natural landmarks.

Yukon - Canada's 'True North', is wintry, wild and wonderful: a spectacular wilderness consisting of comprehensive national and territorial parks filled with stunning landscapes and rare wildlife. The Yukon also features the dazzling natural light-show of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. The province boasts Canada's highest mountain, the majestic Mount Logan peak in Kluane Park, set in a sea of ice.

Northwest Territories - Covering more than one million km² north of the 60th Parallel, extending far above the Arctic Circle, There are thousands of wolves, bison, bears and caribou on the Arctic plains. This is the land of the long summer days of the Midnight Sun, and the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in the night sky between late August and January.

NunavutNunavut - With miles of uninhabitable land, freezing cold temperatures and snow-capped mountains, the pristine and exquisite Canadian province of Nunavut lies way off the beaten track. Priding itself on its distinctive natural beauty, great outdoors and ideal position to view the Aurora Borealis, Nunavut is located in the Arctic circle and offers visitors a breath of the cleanest (and coldest) air, a taste of adventure and the opportunity to come face-to-face with a real Inuit.

New Brunswick New Brunswick - The province is a wonderland of forests, beaches, coastal dunes and some of the oldest mountains in the world, the Appalachians. Part of the historic Acadia, a 17th-century French land claim in North America, New Brunswick is the only constitutionally bilingual province in Canada where inhabitants speak both English and French.

Nova ScotiaNova Scotia - The rugged and jagged coastline, and the fact that this semi-island is covered in numerous rivers and lakes, makes it a watery wonderland famous for its seafood, scenic routes, wilderness trails, dolphin and whale-watching opportunities and the Scottish flavour of its bars and restaurants. The island has a mixed history as a French, Scottish, and British colony, but it is the Scots who still dominate the population and culture today, with name Nova Scotia meaning 'New Scotland' in Latin. The Mi'kmaq Nation is also local to the area.

Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island - Known as the birthplace of the Canadian Confederation and often referred to as the 'Garden of the Gulf', is by far the country's smallest province. Visitors flock to visit the home of Anne of Green Gables, the novel by Lucy Maude Montgomery, which was inspired by the island's landscape and people. One of the world's longest continuous multi-span bridges, the Confederation Bridge, connects Prince Edward Island to the mainland at New Brunswick.

Newfoundland and LabradorNewfoundland and Labrador - The Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador offers visitors a peek into the quietly unassuming beauty and solitude of one of the world's few unspoilt and truly unique destinations. Tourists are quickly caught up in the wild natural beauty of the province, from the rugged rocky cliffs and outcrops to streams and rivers that interweave the rolling green hills and countryside. Labrador also attracts many visitors to its Tundra, which features the 'mini-Rockies' and the historic Avalon Peninsula, home to the charming capital city of St John's.

Map of Canada

Map of Canada


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Places of Canada

Whistler - BC

Whistler is Canada’s premier year-round destination resort.  Powerful, alpine magic filters from the peaks and throughout the heart of Whistler’s unique, pedestrian-only Village where visitors and locals congregate to relax, refresh, dine and shop.  With over 200 shops and over 90 restaurants, cafes, and bars, you will find everything you need just steps from your accommodation. Whistler’s vibrant Village, limitless outdoor activities and two spectacular mountains connected by the world record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, combine to create a natural playground with expansive opportunities for adventure. Whistler boasts an average annual snowfall of 11.92 metres (39.1 feet), and more than 200 ski runs spread over 8,171 snow-covered acres!

Toronto -ON
holiday in Toronto provides non-stop adventure for tourists with its distinct, compact neighbourhoods, each offering something different, from the summer cultural festivals along the harbourfront to the gaudiness of the Yonge Street strip or the Victorian houses of Cabbagetown.

Vancouver -BC
With the Pacific Ocean and mountains as a backdrop, a holiday in Vancouver offers not only great views but also a variety of activities and attractions to suit all travellers. There is an old quarter to stroll through, art studios and markets to browse on Granville Island, trails to follow through Stanley Park.

Churchill -MT

Calgary - AB
A land of cowboys and rodeos, with big business and big stetsons, Calgary is a cosmopolitan city that knows how to have a good time. No vacation in Calgary is complete without visiting both the city's cultural landmarks and the surrounding beauty of nature.

Montreal -QB
French-speaking Montreal is romantic and elegant; those who choose to holiday in Montreal come for its music, art and joie de vivre and leave with happy memories. This charming island city has plenty to see and do, especially in the realm of culture.